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Saturday, December 31st, 2016
6:00 pm
Yet another New Years Round up
Hey Kids

It's that time of the year again where your favourite MudCrab logs onto LJ for the first time in months and tries to sum up everything that has happened in the last 12 months.

So... 2016... Yeah it was alright.

I come out of the year with a strange sense of, well, average. Not a bad year. Not an awful one. I got a good block of work the second half of the year. Okay, the job was/is rubbish and I can feel my CV get stupidier every day, but the money has been good. Even managed to save some of it. (Some being a relative word on the global scale of life.) The rest of it I spent on wine women and song.

So... Yeah. Still much the same. Still a 'Nice Guy' who is probably going to die alone, but fondly remembered. Hmmm... yeah... Sometimes that sort of thing really bugs me. Sometimes I look at my sink filled with the great unwashed and understand why more people don't come over.

So... what to do? 2017? Moral problem with work. Stay on this dead end but well paying contract gig and take the money or get out and try and get my professional ethics back? Dunno. If this strings out to mid year I could save enough to swing another overseas holiday. World Con 2017?

Writing? Yeah, probably should do more of that.

Fitness? Yeah. Seriously. Yeah. Getting a BIG FAT BELLY!

Need to cure that. Let myself go since mid year. Gone out two belt holes. Not good. Strange thing was a month or so ago I was out and made the observation to some girls that I was with that I was getting 'wobbly'. One of them then made a major effort to convince me this was nothing, completely natural and nothing to worry about.

Ummm... thanks for lying sweetie.

So, big plans for the new year. Say no to coke. Say no to carbs. Say no to, ummm, other things I need to say no to. Going to drop 6 kilos and get totally ripped. Yeah baby!

So that's the plan. Get ripped. Get lean. Get fit. And then...


So yeah, sort of sums up my 2016. Wasn't a bad year all up, just nothing really to go and sing about. I had some fun. I had some sulks. I had some good days and I had some where I was in some serious pain because that is what happens to old people who want to keep playing sport with kids 15 or more years younger than you.

Oh well, anyway, 6 hours to go. My last effort for the year will be to make sure I see the new year with an empty and clean sink... even if I have to throw everything I own out in the rubbish first :P
Sunday, August 28th, 2016
12:54 am
In accordance to the prophecy
Hey Kids

Ego warning.

So, has long term fans probably know, I play lacrosse, or at least have yet to formally retire from the game.

Also, and this people may not know as yet, but for the past 6 weeks I have been suffering from stress fractures in my left foot.

Now for those too lazy to Google, stress fractures basically come from running too much when you are not conditioned. The impact of running causes micro fractures in the foot bones and it basically really fuck off hurts. In strange irony it hurts less when you are hobbling around and the moment you go to bed, where logic suggests you might be able to sleep it off and feel better in the morning, things start to pull tight and... actually I have not had it explained to me what happens but basically your foot swells during the night to the extent that you have to get up every 30 minutes to ice your foot so you can go back to bed and try and steal 15 minutes sleep before the pain wakes you up again.

So that was the first two nights. It gets better pain wise after that but basically the cure is to NOT RUN for about 6 weeks or more. Then, so you don't get them again, you have to start running to condition your body or you will get them again. So both the cure and the cause are running. JOY.

ANYWAY, been off for five games and was probably going to miss this weekend as well. This was last minor round and not really going to effect our finals spot in the top four. The plan was I would rest another week then come back but it was one of those annoying weeks where Real Life had got in the way and we were likely to be short of players. So, based on the Prophecy that 'The Mudcrabs were running' I geared up.

And, despite the fact I hadn't played in 5 weeks and had lost a lot of fitness and was also nursing one of those annoying half colds that just wont go away I somehow managed to have one of those games where basically nothing you touch goes wrong... well apart from that personal foul for the slash in the first quarter... and I made second in the best players. Okay sure, we were playing the bottom team and they were a bit shite and I kept having U-17 players attempt to (badly) burn me one on one (cause if first you don't succeed, try exactly the same thing another four times and get carved up then as well. Yeah, who's your favourite crustation now, Dick? :P )

So truth be told I am a little embarrassed but also really pleased that basically, when the team needs the big game, I have 'Still Got It'.

Big Stick. Hit People.

I love my sport :D

Pity my thigh is probably going to bruise up by the morning. Wearing a goal shot from 5 metres away sort of tends to do that. :P
Saturday, April 16th, 2016
6:48 pm
Why deep down I am still a horrible person.
Hey Kids,

was in town today, as I am want to do on a free Saturday and walking down King William street. I had paused briefly to do something on my phone (cough Ingress cough) and noticed there was this guy of about 20 or so walking towards me.

Now, without wishing to steriotype this guy had ALL the cliches of 'I am about to ask you for money that I absolutely need for bus fare' all over him and to be honest I wasn't completely in the mood. I considered brushing him off completely or pretending I hadn't seen him when I noticed he took that first step in my direction and was about to ask me something.

And... Sod it!

'DUDE!!!!!' I yelled out.

I rushed up to him, wrapped my arms around him and gave him a massive back slapping Man Hug.

'How are ya?!?!' as I literally span him around 180 degrees.

'!' says he.

'Do you need any money?'

'10 cents,' he sort of wimpers.

'I can do better than that,' reaching into my pocket, 'here, have 50,' and I turned away and left him.

I then got as far as the next lights and burst out laughing.

I then crossed over the road and burst out laughing again.

I then dropped into my local comic store, told the guys who worked there and burst out laughing again again.

About 30 minutes later I was in the bookshop, started chatting to one of the girls who works there who I have been flirting with, told her the story and also burst out laughing.

It is now about 4 hours later and I am still laughing over it. That poor guy. He probably spent the next hour hiding in a corner hoping the shaking would soon stop. Poor bugger didn't even get a word in before I rushed him and then, when *I* asked if he needed any money he could only ask for 10 cents.

Best 50 cents I ever spent and yes, I am a horrible person! :D
Sunday, March 27th, 2016
1:32 am
fuck that guy
Today I chased a phone thief through the streets of Adelaide.

Didn't catch him.

Spoke with police.

Went back to try and find the girls he had stolen the phone from but they had gone.

Fuck that guy.
Thursday, February 11th, 2016
3:53 pm
SPOILER!!! Deadpool movie
Okay, this has a bit of SPOILER all over it.

Okay - timeframe.

Deadpool movie? Released today (Feb 11). Hence I have only JUST seen it.

One week ago? Talking with a couple of friends and semi seriously came up with 'proof' that Deadpool is actually another fictional character from a completely different cult move from late last century.

We joked.

We laughed.

We annoyed a few people who told us 'I am not having this conversation' as it was so stupid.

Come today, watch movie and, well?




Which is actually VERY CREEPY! :P
Thursday, December 31st, 2015
8:40 pm
Oppps. Nothing since August.
Well kids, it is Dec 31st and there is about three and a half hours left in the year.

Well, looks like (again) I made a VERY constructive use of the final day. Okay... I went to gym in the morning and did manange to get to the shops this arvo so I would have yummy om noms for tomorrow morning.

But APART from that, what have I done? Not much. Place is a mess.

Not a bad 2015. Got a good solid block of work this year and cleared some dept and managed to replace a few things I had been putting off. ie new bed, new pc, actually got my card debt to lower than my bank balance.

So that has been good.

Apart from that, well, sorta muddiled along. Played some good lacrosse. Matched it with some average lacrosse a week later. Got fit. Got fat. Developed massive crush. Went nowhere. Got over it. Repeated. Guess my role in life is deep in the Friend Zone.

I am thinking I should go out, but more for the fact that it IS NYE and 'going out' is what you do on these occasions. Sigh. Interest level a tad low. To be honest the only reasons most people go out on NYE is because it is the 'done thing' and because you are hoping to pick up a drunken NYE fling.

(which tangently brings me back to how messy the Crab Cave is at the moment.)

Went on road trip last week straight after Xmas. Three nights driving around Darkest Victoria more or less just because I can.

Went to Port Fairy and Bay of Islands, both of which I really find lovely. Although Port Fairy is probably hidiously cold and misrible in the winter. Went to Castlemaine and then Kerang because INJOKE and just wandered around a bit. Also played Ingress because deep down I am a sucker for grinding games. Must. Level. Up. Must. Keep. Playing. Just. One. More. Achievement.

Was partly a lot of harmless pointless fun and very relaxing. Partly depressing as you go through some of the smaller towns that are basically dying a little more each day. Worse on the first day which, being Boxing Day, was a public holiday anyway so even the shops that were not for sale were shut. The worse bit is the massive old style pubs with their massive balconies that you could have a tennis court on. All up for lease or sale. None of them open. The lucky ones have sub divided the lower floor, but that is the lucky ones.

Also got sunburnt :P

Back to work Monday. Hopefully for another good solid block. Despite my solid working hours this past year I haven't really managed to rack up much savings. Paid for things, yes. Saved, no.

Seeya in 12 months Live Journal :D
Sunday, August 30th, 2015
7:54 am
A successful day
Some Sportings News Lacrosse Fans!

Yesterday was Prelim finals day.

Glenelg, in Men's State League, lost.

North Adelaide, in Men's Div 1, lost.

Hint?? I don't play for either of those clubs :D
Saturday, August 1st, 2015
9:30 am
Hey Kids,

Some of you may have been out, say Down Pub, and glanced up at the tv which is showing a programme of some sort with the sound turned down.

Recently I have been forced to do this with the American TV show MASH for reasons beyond my control and have come to an interesting observation.

Alan Alda's character, Hawkeye, is a REAL ARSEHOLE.

With sound? Funny guy with caring heart who often plays the 'Only Sane Man' type role.

Without sound? ARSEHOLE and clearly the show's bully villian.

Also, had B'day.
Sunday, July 12th, 2015
7:30 pm
Writing happiness is managing to successfully combine references to John Woo and HP Lovecraft into the same sentence.

I do believe I have just leveled up my writing skills :D
Sunday, July 5th, 2015
2:19 pm
I worry about some people
Hi Kids.

Okay - going to get a bit ranty.

Here in Oz we have a business/sport called the AFL. You know, ball, teams, fans, TV rights, kick, Grand Final day. Personally I have always played lacrosse (in fact I started playing lacrosse at such an early age I had hair at the time - honest) and never really enjoyed or got into the entire 'footy' thing.

Anyway, there is a national league, it is big business and there are literially tens of thousands of fans across Australia who have fun with it.

So, very early last Friday morning, the head coach of one of the team - the Adelaide Crows - was stabbed to death in his home after, so we are lead to believe, an argument with his adult son turned violent. His wife and mother of the son was also injuried, one assumes while trying to stop him. So a man is dead, a woman is in hospital and a young man is in custody. There has been some comment about the son's mental state and comments that 'clearly he must have had a drug problem'.

No, it isn't a nice thing. As my 'big sister' from my local pub said 'No one ever expects to be murdered by their own children.' It is a tragic reflection on domestic violence, possibly drug use and possibly mental issues.

What it is not, and sorry if I come across as a complete heartless prick here, what it is not about is the bloody AFL. Yes he was an ex player at the national league level, and since retiring as a player has had some respectable amount of success as a coach. Dare I say it, he was living the dream job as far as his working life was concerned. Yes I understand how shocking it would have been for all his players to have to turn up and be told their coach, mentor and friend had been violently killed the night before, but at least they knew him personally.

The thousands of members of the public who have spent the last three days with their team scarfs on constantly? Sorry, I know this sounds cold, but deep down this didn't effect you and deep down what you are really thinking is just how this is going to effect the team's finals chances. This is cult of personality and the news cycle of morbid. He was not killed in anything remotely related to football. He didn't die on the field. His attacker was not an angry fan or a disgruntalled dropped player. Tragic truth is people are injuried and killed in domestic situations ALL THE TIME. What made him special? Had he been a nameless member of the public he may have been a 30 second filler on the tv news just after the report about Greece and before the segment on how you can save money on fuel prices. Had a whale been beached recently the death may not have ever been reported at all.

Instead there was an hour long special edition of the news, with reporters stationed all across the city so they could cross for 'live updates' on just how it was effecting everyone's lives.

Some may wish to compare this to the death of cricketer Phil Hughes late last year. Hughes was hit in the back of the neck by a ball he was trying to hook during a Shield game. (Shefield Shield, Australian cricket's national level comp). He wobbled briefly and then collapsed, never to regain consciousness and died some five days later.

That hurt. He had died playing cricket. We have all watched cricket. Many of us had watched Hughes, as for a brief time he was in the Australian Test team. Many of us played cricket. It is not something anyone could expect to have happened. You get bruises playing cricket. Broken fingers maybe. You don't get hit in the back of the head and die. The nation felt a sense of deep shock.

Sorry, but this stabbing death was not about sport. It was about domestic violence and the things that cause it. Unfortunately none of the masses and their TV ratings are going to care about that. No one is going to talk about violence within the home, because they are all trying to claim ownership because the dead man worked in football and football is the game they support and love.

Sorry. That got a bit venty. Not a lot of jokes or anything in that one. Sorry. I was going to change up a bit in this post but that is a bit ranty as well. As the long term fans may know, I have been taking part in NaNoWriMo for a couple of years now. By and large it is good fun and I enjoy the community, both online and face to face and like being part of it.

However I do have a love/cringe in horror relationship with the forums and some of the people who post to them.

This morning I was the closest I have ever been to replying 'I am sorry, but you are too stupid to write this novel.'

Honestly, I do believe that literally 35% of the people involved do NOT know of the existence of Wikipedia or Google. There is a 'reference desk' sub section of the forums where people post questions to the collective brains trust in hope of answers. A lot of them are the sort of thing you can only find by asking a subject expert or by quizing someone with first hand experience. People can ask things like 'I need a job for my main character that pays well but can also been done from a small town. I don't want him to have to commute massively as I need the character to spend a lot of time with his family.' Fair call, and people give advice and suggestions.

You also get questions on life experiences, which is fair as a lot of the NaNo people are still in early teens. 'I am 15. What's it like to be drunk?' is a common one. I myself have asked stuff about if one of my supporting characters would really be wearing a skirt while adventuring in Darkest Africa and not trousers, and that since I am a guy and are not remotely going to comment on my secret cross dressing past, I was after some imput from the women in the forums.

You also get the 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!!!' type questions where someone - normally younger and trying to be dark, progressive and edgy - just tries to go dark, progressive and edgy just to prove they are mature and adult and yeah, look at me, I talk about sexual violence. Serious, there are some very very weird question topics.

Then you get the one's who get obsessed with an idea and refuse to let go. There was one where a girl was trying to write some 19th century fiction and had the image in her mind of her male character, after a long night dealing with a death in the family, was peeing in a chamber pot first thing in the morning while looking out the window at the city surrounding him. The author girl wanted to know if, when peeing in a chamber pot, if the end of the penis ever hit the side and was it cold.

Multiple guys replied - NO.

But what if you are not paying attention?

Ummm.. still no.

But what if you are really tired?


It wasn't even a plot point. It was just some tiny bit of colour to add to the paragraph before this character got dressed and went out to face the new day, but no, this writer wanted some penis and cold chamber pot interface action and was not going to rest until she got it.

(and, if on the odd chance that that was your posted and you have randomly stubbled across this LJ entry, your question wasn't stupid, but the FACT YOU WENT ON ABOUT IT FOR ANOTHER TWO WEEKS certainly was.)

So, back to this morning. A girl (although her gender is not that important, just background) posted to ask if there were any big battles in Germany during WW2 at the same time as the Blitz was happening.

Ummm... okay. First answer (which was not from me but I will quote in full to give you the full feel for just how poorly thought out this question was)


Secondly, why did you not Google this?? Why did you not look at Wikipedia? For all it's errors, blantant bias personal opinion and hidious sentence structure, Wikipedia normally manages to get the dates of historical events in the right order.

The orginal poster then followed up to ask were there any battles in Germany at all? She was hoping to have a battle she could have her characters get involved in and 'almost get themselves killed'.

Again - Why did you not Google this??!

Also, honestly, if you are this vague on the basic structure of WW2 then you probably REALLY shouldn't be trying to write a story set in it.

So, there you have it - my faith in my fellow human beings has been shattered. It is however Sunday, early afternoon, sunny and I think I may just going out and sit in the park and read for a few hours :)
Sunday, May 31st, 2015
9:54 pm
smoke/arse interface
Hey Kids,

as you long time fans all know, I play lacrosse and have been since, well, (ominous tone) The Time Before The Internet!!!

So naturally enough there are people I have known casually through the sport for literally decades.

Anyway, so Saturday past, we played away (Div 1, lost, hmmm... let's not dwell on that bit) and post game was hanging out a bit in their club rooms and chatting - as you do. Got talking with Stu who has played against me for ages and was congratulated that not only was I still playing, but still playing at Div 1 level. We get talking about the last time we would have played against each other which was a few years ago down in Scum Grade (spoiler, not it's offical name) and how he had a fair few younger kids in his team.

(Scum Grade is the grade for those who are not ready to retire and the more adventurious junior looking for a second game in the afternoon but not yet confident or skilled enough to get a run in a higher grade. The quality can vary greatly (hence 'Scum Grade') as can the fitness levels (hence 'Scum Grade'))

So Stu is talking to me and said how last time his team was playing against me his kids in his team were going 'hey, ummm, how do we play against this guy? How do we beat him?'

'Simple, don't let him hit you.'

(most likely not the answer these kids were looking for so Stu continued)

'Look. He is not going to give you any cheap hits, but if you hang your stick out, he is going to hit you and he is going to hit you REALLY hard, so don't hang your stick out.'

Ummm... look, to be honest, hearing something like that from a guy you have played against for years was probably the nicest thing I have ever had as a player. I mean you have the stuff your team mates tell you and you have the games where you come off feeling that everything you tried worked and being very happy with your game, but to hear it from the other side is very different. It was also not so much the 'he will hit you and hit you hard' bit - although I didn't hate that bit - but the statement to his juniors that I was a 100% clean player that really went down well.

You go through life being judged by your actions. Ever so often it is really nice to know that judgement is a pass. :)

Nearly made up for the fact we totally lost that game actually :P

In other gossip, FINALLY got the new mattress two weeks ago. YEAH!!!! Went the whole hog and got new pillows as well, and those, together with the new sheets I got in advance the other month, gives me this wonderful NEW feeling :)

All I need to do now is, wink wink nudge nudge, break it in :P
Friday, April 3rd, 2015
12:08 pm
Curse you Wikipedia!!!

I have been writing.

I do that from time to time, it's nothing completely new or exciting. I have also been writing as part of NaNoWriMo, or, more correctly, Camp NaNoWriMo which is a more informal online writing 'challenge' being held over April.

(I am not actually camping, which is a minor pity. Not to worry).

Anyway, I have just come to a screaming problem with my grand idea and are slightly vexed at the moment on how to handle it.

First up, my plot idea started a few months ago when a friend told me she had purchased a bunch of old broken watches and was now breaking them open to get to the gears.

So? A story title -  "The Girl who Killed Time and Other Adventures"

That title was my entire idea and I put it down as my CaNaNo project for this month.

Then, as March came to an end, I realised I needed to throw some actually ideas and plot at this puppy. I decided that the girl in question could be a 'villian' character I have in mind for Book 4 of my Main Project. That book was going to involve some time travel hijinks back to Elizabethian England, and, with the plans I had for that character and that Main Project story, having this person being able to 'Kill Time', either metaphorically or literally, made sense.

I also wanted to writing this one as more a dark fairy tale, which was working out well.

Then, day before camp started, I found some historical references to the idea of Calumny trying to kill Truth, but Truth being saved by her father, Time. COOL!!! This is all coming together. This character is a spy for the Crown in my main story and now I can have her betray her mentor figure, reject Truth and effectively kill time as well, taking that first step over to the Dark Side(tm) and making all my plot ideas neatly line up. This was a morally dark character so having her supporting Calumny in order to serve her Queen really worked for me. Sod Truth and Sod Time.

It was GENIUS!!!

Except for minor points. The plot revolved around the girl rejecting her mentor's words of supporting the King and making sure the King's truth be heard, because 'We have a Queen now.' Now to fit into my timeline and be 'historically correct', that Queen was going to be Mary (and the King possibly being Edward... or his father Henry VIII... or maybe both... as long at the word King was involved the plot was going to work).

My problem?? On Wikipedia (so it must be true) I find the statement that Mary adoped a personal motto when she became Queen. That motto??

"Truth, the Daughter of Time"


So my Genius dark fairy tale is facing a bit of thinking music at the moment...

Monday, March 30th, 2015
11:43 pm
Xrays and Mutant Powers
Well the good news and to jump straight to the spoiler filled summary - it's nothing that is going to kill me.

I have been having sharp pain right down at the base of my spine for about 6 months or so. Probably more. No idea why and no, I cannot recall what I could have done.

Strange thing is that it only hurts when I go to get up after sitting down for an extended period. Not after sleep, not during or after exercise, not from walking and, strangely, not from driving the MudMobile. Just sitting.

So like anyone with a mild history of hyperchondria in the family (Grandma, pointing the finger at you :P) and access to the internet I have been fearing the worse. So finally, with a 'day off from work' (more of that later.... sigh) I went to my GP and, among other things (other things being that mole thingy on the back of my head that I end up nicking with the razor everytime I shave my head, is the number one reason all of my nice shirts have blood stains on the collar and frankly PISSES ME OFF), I raised the question.

So sent off for xrays and some moments later the nice xray lady comes back with some nice xrays that show the last two segments of my coxic spine tail bone thingy do not remotely align with the bits above them.

Which is a bit weird, esp since I have no idea how I would have done that sort of injury. You would think anything like that would have SODDING HURT and that you may just have noticed it at the time, but no. No idea.

Still, while painful it is not something that is going to kill me and for that I spent most of the rest of the day shamelessly eating junk food.


Also getting that mole thingy cut off tomorrow. Ya to that! :)

Oh. Work... yeah... Having a few days off. Annoying as there is actually a MASSIVE amount of work we want to start with a big and massive deadline coming up, but for 'reasons' can't start it just yet. Bothersome. If I don't get The Summons by tomorrow I guess I am off till after Easter. Oh well. Gives me writing/housework time I guess.
Sunday, March 22nd, 2015
2:20 pm
Why are you not excited?!?!
Hey Kids,

my lingering epic quest to replace my mattress is drawing closer to the 'End Of Book One!!!!' stage.

My work is looking pretty stable for the next few months and on Friday I rang up to confirm my Dec quote was still valid and then paid a deposit. All I effectively have to do now is FINALLY finish my equally epic quest to reorganise my entire book/magazine collection and shift all the massive piles of books away from my longue room floor, so, in some sort of vague Red Sea metaphor, my new mattress can travel through the parted obstacles and reach the chosen bedroom.

So that's the plan - housework... cough.. yeah...

ANYWAY, since I am getting a new mattress I have decided to get the whole hog and get brand new sheets (and maybe also an underlay as well) and REALLY spoil myself.

So yesterday in town I purchased a new sheet set.



You know, like that 300 thread count stuff you have on your bed only NOT SHITE!?!

Okay, they were on special and marked down a fair bit, but I was still paying about the same as a nice dinner for two people here, but, having slept for the last five or so years on 1200 thread count, I have to say that these sort of sheets are TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! :)

Except no one was impressed... :(

I think I need new friends :P

I wonder if there is a 1200 thread users group on Google :D

(I also upgraded my phone. That at least got a few smiles from people :P )
Sunday, February 15th, 2015
8:51 pm
well... duh!
I am currently following the India v Pakistan cricket on CricInfo while also getting the crowd cheers from just down the hill.

Seems to be a MASSIVE amount of Indian supporters there. Ya India.

ANYWAY, on Cricinfo as a link to one of their supporting articles was the following;

"With India batting first, they have a great chance to put up a big total on the board and have Pakistan under pressure while chasing, say the Match Point experts"

Okay, clearly posted just after the toss had been decided, but seriously, this is what EXPERTS tell us?

Great Chance?

Well duh! They also have a 'great' chance to have a massive batting collapse to allow Pakistan an easy win, and a 'great' chance to put an average score on the board. Sure, this great chance to get a big total is clearly the best case scenario for India at the very start of the game and clearly what India would have been aiming for. That is how One Day Cricket works. If you bat first, you want to post the biggest possible total, because it makes the other team's job harder when they bat. If you bowl first, you want to take quick and cheap wickets and force them to post the lowest score possible, because it makes your job easier when you bat later.

So as article headlines go, it's, well, pretty rubbish.

What next? When you got supermarket you will have a great chance to buy food?
2:22 pm
I am back at work tomorrow :)

Actually rather happy about that. I mean money, self esteme issues, the reward of feeling a constructive and valuable part of society, the structure of the working week that actually conspires to make me a much more productive person in my personal time and the money.

Basically the money.

Looking back however I may have wasted a bit all all that 'free time' I had between last November and now. True, I did use the time to work hard on my fitness and, without seeming smug, didn't do that badly at all on THAT part.

The major 'clean up the Crab Cave' project?? Ummm... less so... Maybe about 30% of what I coulda/shoulda done.

Still. Pretty pleased. I guess I just like structure in my life :)
Friday, February 6th, 2015
12:05 pm
Well... better... :)
Hey Kids,

strange as it might seem, I do actually like working.

(okay... maybe more correctly, I like working WITHIN my profession. I mean there is no way I could handle working in retail.)

Working gives me structure in my life. Sure, it gives me grief at the now lack of spare time, but in some ways that is the point. With nothing to complain about, what do you have to complain about? :P

So I dislike not working for extending periods. I get bored, I find myself wasting my days and, well, I run out of money.

So, my pleasing news today is that while I have not formally been given 'The SUMMONS', the trumpets that announce an incoming herald have definitately sounded. So looks positive that I will be back at work this month. YA!!!

(context - I am employed as a Casual. When they have a peak workload, I am the labour they throw at the problem. The pay is great, the hours are all over the calender.)

In other 'getting off my arse' news, I have nearly finished my Hack Draft of Book 2! YA!!!! Think I have the plot points all lined up so it reads logically from start to finish. I was stuck a bit on the end chapter where I tied up all the loose ends and everyone lives happily ever after(tm). There had been a reasonably large death toll in the story and to casually go back to making jokes seemed a bit mood whiplash. Effectively I had finished the 'story' but was ignoring the consequences.

Hmmm... just occurred to me I COULD have gone Disney Ending and just had a massive song and dance number kick in. Songs about Princesses solve everything :P

So yeah - feeling a lot better about life than I did yesterday :D Ya to work :P
Sunday, February 1st, 2015
2:18 pm
Speaking of stupid car ads...
The Dandy Warhols, have a song, rather old now, called Bohemian Like You which is more or less a song about trying to hit onto some hipster chick.

It was reasonably popular and I actually rather like it. Great song for dancing like an idiot to first thing in the morning via your clock radio.

Anyway, in the spirit of car ads that completely miss the point, in Oz, Holden used said song a few years ago as the background theme for one of the small cars in their range. The song has about 30 seconds of instrumental before the lyrics kick in, the first line being

'You Got a Great Car!'

Sounds perfect for a car ad, right?

Well... only if you have never heard the actual song, for the very next line is,

'Yeah what's wrong with it today?'

Arrrr - Marketing :)
Saturday, January 31st, 2015
2:39 pm
This is Live Journal - this is the HOME of emotional angst...
Yes, I DO have emotional angst.

Probably best I don't emo all over the shop about it.

So anyway, as you know, if you watch YouTube you have to put up with the ads.

One that has been doing the rounds on the vids I have been watching lately is from Jeep. The ad family are in their ab car (the forementioned Jeep) and going on their ad holiday.

The ad kid in the back seat asks "are we there yet?"

The ad father/Jeep driver answers "Nope", before repeating himself with different weather and light effects to imply the ad son asks this question several more times over the course of a LONG drive.

And why is this ad an epic fail?

If you have to ask "are we there yet?" multiple times over the course of a family holiday, then it really suggests that the Jeep must be REALLY SHITE to be stuck inside.

See? Much better post to read rather then the emotional angst major crush thing I COULD have bored you with :P
Friday, January 30th, 2015
10:21 pm
Okay, this is getting creepy...
Hey Gang,

okay, backstory "For those who came late"

Muddy plays Field Lacrosse (as compared to Box Lacrosse which is actually different).

Muddy started as a junior WAY back in the pre internet days at a club, which is how sport works here in Oz, unlike the US where everything is school based.

Muddy played through the junior grades and, after getting his first chest hair, started playing senior grades.

After several years, Muddy rage quit and changed to another club.

Muddy now plays, okay, plays in the lower grades as he is slightly Old and Slow(tm) these days, but plays for his current club and has done so for since last century. He has more senior games with this club (by a large margin), has held committee positions, has been Men's State League Timekeeper/Scorer for the last two seasons (which makes him a Club Offical(tm) and hence slightly higher up the food chain then simply being a player), has been doing pre-season fitness stuff (for the first time in.. well... FOREVER) with the senior men's squad for the past 10 weeks (on and off... and makes no claim that any of this fitness work is actually working) and, most importantly, LIKES BEING THERE.

So, mid Nov last year, I get a message out the blue on FBook chat from a guy at the 'old club' asking 'When I was coming home' and 'why don't you come play in our Div 2 team next year'.

(Div 2, aka SCUM GRADE, cause it's shite! :P )

I say, why? I got was getting Div 1 game last year. Why would I want to change clubs JUST to play a lower grade?

He says, blah blah we are going to have a strong team blah win final blah blah

I said, I am a club offical. Why would I give that up? And go on to make a serious of bullshit conditions before I agreed. Stuff like 'chicks' and 'being captain' and other total bollocks.

A month later I get a FBook invite to the 2015 Senior Players Meeting.


Which I utterly ignore.

I get sent reminders that pre-season is starting.

Which I utterly ignore. (actually, no, I smug first because OUR club has been doing pre-season for two months. SUCK IT!!!)

Then tonight I get a FBook chat message asking me personally and directly if I am good to start training Tuesday and Thursday nights.




Part of me wants to politely explain. Part of me wants to bluntly explain and part of me wants to say nothing and see just how long they will continue to honestly believe that I have agreed to come play for them next season.

I should demand they pay my association fees in advance, and THEN I might consider it :P
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